Principal Biyani Law College Jaipur

Dear Students,

It gives me immense pleasure to invite you to the Biyani Law college Jaipur. The college is a premier law institute providing top class legal education.

Our focus is not only to improve study but also to provide opportunities to each student to explore his/her talents in their own interested areas of specialization. Success is possible by the never ending and dedicated efforts of qualified and experienced teaching staff, guest lecturers and the supporting staff. Added to this the curricular and extra curricular activities of the college ensures commitments and development of your personality, I am sure, you will be extremely satisfied with your decision to join the institution.

I am proud to place on record that with the continuous assistance and guidance from Chairman Dr. Rajeev Biyani, the staff and students would definitely make an impact on the society.

We strongly believe in the saying that there is no substitute for hardwork always pays. 

Dr. Varsha


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